[Net-sec-threat-modeling] Reserve slot during the next F2F meeting

Fotis Loukos fotisl at ssl.com
Thu May 23 07:55:05 MST 2019

Hello everybody,
after discussing with Ben and Dimitris, we are able to reserve a slot
for the threat modeling subgroup during the next F2F meeting.
For all of you who have not attended a F2F meeting before, during that
time slot we will be able to present some of our work to the whole CA/B
Forum, accept questions, and maybe try to get some people to help us. In
general, we do not do any hands-on work.
How much time do you think we are going to need? I believe that 20-30
mins should be ok, and we can have private meetings if we need to do any
hands-on work.


Fotis Loukos, PhD
Director of Security Architecture
SSL Corp
e: fotisl at ssl.com
w: https://www.ssl.com

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