[Net-sec-threat-modeling] Slides for our presentation - F2F meeting

Fotis Loukos fotisl at ssl.com
Fri Jun 7 05:34:53 MST 2019

I have added some notes, and a new slide describing the survey. I put
some sample answers that I think are interesting, let me know if you are
ok with them or you would like to switch to something else.
Do we have the assets or the PFD ready?


On 6/6/19 6:04 μ.μ., Mariusz Kondratowicz wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> As we were discussing it a week ago - today was supposed to be the
> deadline for our slides to be ready.
> So far, it seems like I am only contributor there, please join and put
> you notes :)
> https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/16gKbDsMonoDFdVjRVe4GZ0x8iL6B-wH7BJrzSr32Bz4/edit
> What is still *to do*?
> Slide 5: Survey results
> Slide 6: Assets
> Slide 8: Draft of Process Flow Diagram
> Regards,
> Mariusz
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