[Infrastructure] Current Functionality of Member Tool

Ben Wilson bwilson at mozilla.com
Fri Jun 23 20:13:53 UTC 2023


I would like to discuss adding "participation" fields to the Membership
Tool - something to indicate last meeting attended and last vote received.

Just so we're on the same page, I can see that the Membership Tool does the

1 - Tracks ballots and each table for each ballot shows the voting
organization, the member type, the vote (yes, no, abstains), and the
representative who placed the vote.

2 - Lists organizations in each of 7 groups (Forum, 4 working groups and 2
subcommittees) and lists "Active" Participants (and membership type -
Issuer, Consumer, Interested Party, Assoc. Member) and "Active" Members
(i.e. representatives) and their organizations

3- Lists meetings and calculates quorum, and each table for each meeting
lists the attendees and their organizations.

4 - Has a table of organizations and whether the IPR was signed and whether
they are "Active". While each record for each organization lists its
representatives ("People"), and lists the Forum groups that they belong to
(see 2 above).  There is also a place in each record to indicate the URL of
their signed IPR agreement.

5 - Has a table / list of people and the organization to which they belong,
and indicates that some people are not "active" (presumably indicating that
they are no longer with the organization).  Each individual's record
contains their email address and under "Forum Membership" the Forum groups
that they belong to (see 2 and 4 above). Under Voting Rights, it indicates
the Forum groups in which they are allowed to cast votes.

6 - Finally, there is a table of Participant Types, which shows whether
that participant type can vote and whether they can "log in" (presumably to
the Wiki, although this setting does not make clear sense).  Clicking on a
Participant Type produces a list of members of that type at the Forum

I don't know where to begin a discussion regarding any enhancements to this
current functionality, but it seems that there is the potential to create
participation metrics from this data--especially with respect to 4, above,
Organizations. For starters and for no other reason than that they are on
top of the list, if I were to open the record for 360 Browser, I would like
to see the record indicate the last time they voted and the last time they
participated in a meeting.


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