[Infrastructure] Meeting Minutes for 2022-May-18

Ben Wilson bwilson at mozilla.com
Wed May 18 16:27:38 UTC 2022

*Infrastructure Committee Meeting of 5-18-2022*

*Antitrust Statement* read by Ben

*Attendees:*  Corey B., Dean C., Jos P., Tim H., Iñigo B., Martijn K.,
Tyler M., Ben W.

*Agenda Items*:

·        Website

·        Wiki

·        GitHub

·        Membership management

·        Next Face-to-Face in Poland

*1.       **Website*:

*Tools page* – Ben will continue work on adding tools and include a
disclaimer that we’re not endorsing any of the products or services listed.

*Publication guidelines/Tags* – we’ll convert the abbreviated tags to more
descriptive ones sc -> Server-Certificates, cs -> Code-Signing, SMIME,
netsec -> Network-Security, etc.  Then we will be in a better position to
announce publication guidance.

*Web pages* – many have antiquated content – Ben will inventory the pages
on the website that need to be updated

*2.       **Wiki*:  We may want to move the Docuwiki site from Nginx to

*3.       **Github*:  Previously, we discussed the activity bot and that if
there is no activity in a repository after 50+ days, then the weekly
notices are disabled. We implemented a process that creates an empty commit
to keep the activity bot alive.  It executed successfully this past week.

*4.       **Membership Management*:  Martijn will send an email to the
management list this week to let people know that the system is ready for
acceptance testing by a broader group.  Everyone’s email address is in the
system, and passwords can be set via a password-reset process.

*5.       **Next Face-to-Face meeting in Poland:*  We reviewed our
Infrastructure presentation from the last F2F and listing of priorities for
2022.  We have been making progress on the website and member management.
Other areas still need work.

*Meeting adjourned.*
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