[Infrastructure] [Draft] Minutes from 13 July 2022 Meeting

Jos Purvis jos at melete.org
Wed Jul 13 18:51:52 UTC 2022

*Forum Infrastructure Subcommittee - Minutes of 2022-Jul-13*

*Present: *Ben Wilson (Mozilla), Tyler Myers (GoDaddy), Wayne Thayer (Fastly), Corey Bonnell (DigiCert), Tim Hollebeek (DigiCert), Llew Curran (GoDaddy), Iñigo Barreira (Sectigo), Jos Purvis (Cisco)


 * Jos read the anti-trust statement.
 * There were no minutes from the previous meeting (as there barely was a previous meeting!).
 * Jos is creating a branch in the SCWG repo for Corey to integrate the profiles work from Ryan Sleevi. This will be based on commit 7ebc4e6498610ba43170d35f27a776d635e9cf06, which is the point at which Ryan's fork splits from the SCWG main branch. Corey will be putting up a PR and taking it from there.
 * Corey noted there was a SPAM pull request opened against the SCWG. He pre-emptively closed it, but was not sure about the group's policies around blocking people or accounts that do this. The group decided to see if this account does it again before figuring out further policies.
 * This raised the question about restricting PRs on the various Forum repositories. Jos noted that we do periodically get random PRs either from Interested Parties or from random commenters that do have useful information in them, but have not gone through the balloting process. He suggested restricting PRs to members of the CABF Github organization, to encourage people to submit changes through the balloting process. Wayne noted that this was important from an IPR perspective: we don't want anyone contributing to the docs that hasn't signed an IPR. Jos noted this would encourage going ahead and restricting PRs, which the group felt was a good idea across the board. Corey and Wayne volunteered to figure out how to make this change; from that point forward, those wishing to make PRs or contributions will need to request to be added to the CABF organization as part of the "Member" group, allowing for a quick IPR check before adding them. Corey said this might take more privileges than he has in the CABF organization right now; Ben volunteered to add Corey as an owner. The group felt this was reasonable since, now that we have the CODE-OWNERS restrictions for approving PRs in the various repos, the 'Owner' group is really more a collection of 'technically-minded Github admins for the CABF' than just a collection of the various officers.
 * Corey pointed out that we should add a field in the membership management tool to track Github usernames. This would both allow us to add those people quickly to the right groups, and also allow us to differentiate which Github accounts are actually associated with official members. Tim noted, for instance, that his personal Github userid often gets added to projects instead of his DigiCert-focused ID; Jos noted that his own personal account (as with many other people's) is not centrally managed by a company and thus not necessarily subject to removal from CABF if his employment changes. All of these would be good reasons to add Github member IDs as a field in the tool; the group felt strongly that we should encourage the CABF membership as a whole to stick with centrally managed Github accounts wherever possible, and to ensure that any personal or non-managed accounts for CABF members were at least formally declared and approved by their organization.
 * Wayne asked about the issue we had with the website and upgrading to PHP 8 in the past. Ben said he wanted to set up a time to have GoDaddy on-hand during normal business hours to do the upgrade, to make sure that everything goes smoothly.
 * Ben will be pulling up the revisions to the site layout and content again and reviewing updates from the list.
*Other Business*
 * Jos asked about mail delivery after the outage from early June. Mail delivery appears to still be stable, and no further issues were noted, indicating the changes made at the time have fixed the issue. One key change is that unsubscribe emails are now being delivered to the mailers themselves, which doesn't seem to be raising any eyebrows. In addition, Jos noted that having automated delivery of issues to the infra-bot mailer had been causing the problem—at the moment, those issue emails are delivered to the root user mailbox, but we should consider how to create shared recipients for those without using a sender-restricted mailer.
 * Wayne asked about the production implementation of the membership tools. Jos noted that we seem ready to go, but the group noted that Martin wasn't on the call and it would be important to consult him. Corey suggested using Elastic Beanstalk to deploy the code and AWS RDS to host the database, which would eliminate the need to use a managed EC2 host for the production instance. He and Jos will look at doing that and consult with Martin about migrating the existing dev-server database into production so we retain all of the membership/attendance data that we've been putting in over the last few weeks. Jos requested that we produce some wiki pages with instructions on common activities (adding a member, taking attendance, etc.)—Wayne volunteered to start those so the team can fill in the blanks. We will retain the existing dev host in order to be able to continue to test code updates and changes.
 * Jos asked about whether the existing membership tools were making mailing list changes; Wayne said he thought it was not doing any of it at the moment. Jos suggested that as a Phase 2 (post-prod-rollout) feature, but said we should strongly consider upgrading to the latest version of Mailman for our lists at that point, as the newest version includes a REST API for list membership management that's much easier to manage than the current version in use (which would require a lot of local scripting).
 * Finally, the group pulled up the Github project for Infrastructure, and will try to start storing issues in cards and tracking there to keep track of work in flight.
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