[Infrastructure] Style Guide for Wordpress Posts

Ben Wilson bwilson at mozilla.com
Thu Apr 14 20:20:23 UTC 2022

Here are the core beginnings of a style guide for Wordpress posts.  I'm
throwing this out here for discussion because it seems that we have been
inconsistent in how we use these meta-fields for Wordpress posts, but I
don't feel strongly one way or the other about how we do it (we can narrow
the options for "Status"--see below), but I suppose we should be consistent.

  Minutes Posts Ballot Posts
Author Doesn't matter Doesn't matter
Date Must be the date of meeting (first day for F2F meetings) Date of last
action when updating the post in Wordpress - date of beginning for
Discussion Period, Voting Period, Voting Results, IPR Announcement,
Effective Date
Categories Must contain "Minutes" - others optional Must contain "Ballots"
- others optional
Tags Optional Must contain one of:  "forum", "sc", "csc", "netsec", or
Custom Fields Undefined Defined below:
   Ballot  N/A Must contain ballot number, e.g. CSC-0XX
   Effective  N/A Must contain Effective Date, if any
   Status  N/A Must be blank (especially if ballot passed IPR review and is
effective), or may contain any one of the following:  "Discussion",
"Voting", "IPR Review", "Failed", "Withdrawn", "Failed Quorum", "Reserved",
"Replaced", "Rejected", "Never Presented", "Lacked Endorsers",
"Indeterminate", etc.
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