[Infrastructure] Minutes of Meeting 9/22/2021

Ben Wilson bwilson at mozilla.com
Wed Sep 22 15:20:44 UTC 2021

*Minutes of Meeting Wednesday, September 22, 2021*

*Attendees:  *Ben Wilson, Corey Bonnell, Iñigo Barreira, Shelley Brewer,
Jos Purvis, Wayne Thayer, Jim Gorz, Niko Carpenter

*Antitrust statement:* read by Jos

*Approval of Minutes:* Minutes of September 8, 2021, were approved

*Website – Ben*

He is working on documenting the steps of who does what when and where for
ballots for a complete document of the process and the steps and who is
responsible.  He is also working on populating WordPress with information
on ballots that were withdrawn.

*Email and SPF/DMARC update - Jim*

Jim said that the root of the problem is a configuration on the Amazon
Simple Email Service (SES) side. So, we reverted to DMARC “quarantine –
none,” and we will still need to move to Route 53, and then we’ll retry
quarantine. The problem is with the SES settings and DMARC, and it’s also

*GitHub update*


*Any other business*

Wayne noted that he was working on the membership spreadsheet. Jos will
share a draft document with Wayne, Dimitris and others.

*Meeting adjourned*
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