[Infrastructure] 2021-12-1 Infrastructure Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

Wayne Thayer wthayer at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 01:27:23 UTC 2021

*Attendees: Jos Purvis, Ben Wilson, Jim Gorz, Tim Hollebeek, Inigo
Barreira, Corey Bonnell, Wayne Thayer, Stephen Davidson*

*The antitrust statement was read.-- Publishing minutes and ballots to the
websiteJos said that he had been experimenting with a Wordpress plugin that
can automatically synchronize GitHub content to our WordPress website. Jos
sent out an email about it yesterday. It works really well and seems like a
good approach, especially for ballots.Ben asked about the table at the top
of the markdown containing metadata. Jos said that the plugin contains
instructions for this.Jos shared his screen and demonstrated the new
tooling.Stephen said that this looks good, especially for minutes.Jos said
that we should have a template for ballots.Wayne said that it makes sense
for ballots, but for taking minutes in GitHub could be a barrier.Jos said
that it also requires a public repo, so we’d have to have a process for the
private review of minutes prior to publishing, at which point there’s not
much benefit.Ben said that we don’t do a good job of getting minutes to the
website where they are easier to searchWayne said that the mailing lists
should now be fully indexed by GoogleJos said that we could post a link for
searching the mailing list. Ben suggested adding a “search the mailing
list” form to the websiteJos said that he doesn’t see a lot of value in
using GitHub to publish minutes, but there is a win for ballots.Ben asked
if we could abandon publishing minutes to the websiteWayne suggested that a
narrow Google search of the mailing list would do the trickTim suggested
moving the minutes and ballots to separate mailing list(s). Jos agreed.Ben
noted that minutes need to be posted to the public website per the bylaws.
Wayne said that the mailing list archives are part of the public
websiteWayne said that we need to automate the management of mailing lists
before creating more.Jos suggested that we ask members to manage their own
subscriptions to this. Tim said that works if only officials are permitted
to post.Wayne said it could work but we’ll have trouble communicating that
info to new members.Jos said that if we limit the GitHub workflow to
ballots, we could create a repo for that and develop a workflow and
configure some approval rules.Tim said that we haven’t really developed
processes that deal with overlapping working group work and
dependencies.Jos mentioned the effort to create a Net Sec working group and
Tim said that he is thinking of exactly that.Jos said that we need a
governance subcommittee at the Forum level to interpret and maintain the
bylaws, with representation from all working groups.Tim said that this
would be a good discussion topic for a future F2F.Jos said that we need a
new member information packet, rather than relying on each subcommittee
chair. Tim mentioned the initial IPR review and Jos added that we are
supposed to receive a document from the new member confirming their review.
Wayne said that it could be a page on the wiki.Jos said that he would look
at the existing checklists in Google drive and ensure that they are shared
with the appropriate folksJos said that he is concerned with Google drive
security. Either docs are public and we have to deal with random people
making comments or changes, or lock them down and manage a lot of
permissions.Wayne asked what threat we’re concerned about? Jos said that IP
contribution tracking is one concern. Wayne said that we at least have the
email address of the contributor in the change log.Jos and Tim said that
they don’t have an alternative to suggest. Jos said that some things like
checklists should at least be moved to the wiki.-- GitHub activity
summariesJos said that the new GitHub activity summaries went out over the
weekend and appear to be working. Need to determine if we want to monitor
any additional repos, but that creates IPR issues. Jos suggested that
tagging may be the better approach.Jos suggested tagging subcommittee
content and sending it to the subcommittee list in addition to the WG
list.-- Moving DNS to AWSJim said that he still has some records to import
and will work on that today.-- Membership spreadsheetWayne said that he has
populated the new membership spreadsheet with all the data from the old
one. Wayne asked Stephen for feedback, and said that he’d send a link after
the meeting.Meeting adjourned*
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