[Infrastructure] [DRAFT] Minutes from 20 May Meeting

Jos Purvis (jopurvis) jopurvis at cisco.com
Tue May 26 07:35:51 MST 2020

1. Anti-trust

2. Approval of minutes

3. Website/Mailer Migration
Website migration scheduled
Expect that credentials will transfer
Dim. is holding off on some changes to public site until migration complete
Mailer migration next on deck, incl. SMTP resolution for wiki server

4. Pandoc
Jos has changes staged for Travis/builds
No ballot needed for this; do it as a pull request and introduce it

5. June meeting
Jos to bug WebEx about Training/Event options for meetings to review and test these
We have notes on what's possible and not in vanilla WebEx meetings
There's only one Host at a time, but can be passed around. Hosts can promote to Presenter for sharing. Host can see who's raising hands, so might be a good Vice-Chair responsibility to manage and monitor during the meeting. Might work best to assign that task, and then Chair can manage and run the meeting itself.
Dim. to work with chairs on creating a plan for how the meeting will be handled, pass to Infra@ for feedback, and then we'll release to the CABF as a whole.
Dim. noted a meeting he was in restricted chat to Everyone/Presenter/Host. Ben asked what that would help with; Dim. felt this might simplify sending questions to the presenter.
Dim. asked about restricting the ability to be the Presenter, as right now anyone can grab the ball and become the presenter. Jos and Dim. will look through the settings and see--there's an "Anyone can Present" checkbox that, if turned off, will restrict that. Should make sure this is unchecked for meetings.
For Mute, would set 'Mute on Entry'. 
Wayne: Would we restrict unmuting yourself? 
Dimitris: No, just expect that people would remain muted and let the Chair moderate the discussion. 
Ben: For comment periods, could mute-all-except-recognized; for more general discussions, could consider a less-restrictive approach. 
Wayne: We often have back-and-forth discussions that get pretty intense; trying to raise-hand would get pretty difficult. Maybe more of a raise-hand-to-start-speaking approach, but responses can be more free-form. 
Dimitris: Those moderating the discussion can manage that carefully. When the conversation is steady and natural, someone still needs to keep an eye on those raising hands in the queue and make sure they get a chance to speak too. I expect people generally to behave; I don't think we'll get to the point of having to manually unmute themselves. 
Daniela: Is there an option to remove difficult people? 
Dimitris: Yep, we tested that one out! 
Jos: We can lock the room and use the lobby; the Host would need to admit people manually. We could consider a three-strikes rule. 
Dimitris: We could try a yellow-card/red-card rule from soccer (three strikes is too much). 
Dan: We could send out the rules before the meeting, explaining the policies. 
Dimitris: We always do that at the top of face-to-face meetings, but this is really new. Can someone draft virtual meeting rules for us to review and release to the org? 
Dan: I can draft something and send it out.

6. WebEx Meeting Change
Jos to change over Infra meeting




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