[Infrastructure] DRAFT: Infrastructure Subcommittee Minutes, 6 May

Jos Purvis (jopurvis) jopurvis at cisco.com
Thu May 14 09:47:39 MST 2020

Present: Dimitris, Ryan, Wayne, Jos, Daniela


1. Anti-trust Statement


1a. Approval of Previous Minutes



2. Wiki, Website, and Mailer Migration

            Jos to take action item to discuss mailer/SES access with Trev

            Daniela will talk with Michol about arranging GD resource to get that done


3. Pandoc and Github next steps

            Wayne fixed some last-minute merge conflicts in PR — Jos needs to review/approve these

            Travis CI stuff needs adjusting to get builds going — Jos to adjust travis-ci.yaml instructions and review with Ryan (can do this in a branch first)

                        Once done, branches will trigger Travis and upload artifacts into a directory for that branch

                        Travis set to trigger on pull requests rather than on simple commits

            Ryan: recommend editing branch directly to add dates and versions

            - PRs that change travis.yml/Makefile will not trigger auto-builds (to avoid adversarial build PRs)

            1. Travis builds on master

            2. Travis builds on branches of the CABF

            3. Travis builds on PRs from outside repos (eep!)

            _ Ryan - Check on allowing builds from outside repos (W3C repo as example)

            _ Jos/Ryan - Travis build adjustments for CABF Master/branches


4. June meeting

            _ Jos & Somer - Demo for Training/Events options

            _ Jos & Dimitris - WebEx meeting with options


5. WebEx URL Change

            Accounts and user accounts are sorted

            Change 'cabforum.webex.com' to 'cabforum-old.webex.com', wait 48 hours, then change 'cabforum1.webex.com' to 'cabforum.webex.com'

            Worst-case: All the meeting links break and need adjusting

            Best-case: PROFIT!!!!1!!!one!

            _ Dimitris to try adjusting 'cabforum1.webex.com' to 'cabf.webex.com' - We'll check on that in 24 hours and see if it worked.

            _ Dimitris to check on creating 'org-level meetings' that can be edited/managed by any admin; if this works, great. If not, he'll send reminder to subcommittee chairs to recreate their own meetings in the new site (to ensure they own the meeting & can manage it)


// Adjourned //



Jos Purvis (jopurvis at cisco.com)
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