[Infrastructure] [DRAFT] 2020-03-11 Infrastructure Subcommittee Minutes

Jos Purvis (jopurvis) jopurvis at cisco.com
Wed Mar 11 09:33:53 MST 2020

2020-Mar-11 Infrastructure Subcommittee Meeting

Present: Daniela Hood, Jos Purvis, Ryan Sleevi, Wayne Thayer, Ben Wilson, Dimitris Zacharopoulos

Reading Of Ye High And Sacred Anti-Trust Statement, Oyez
Website and Mailing List Migration
Website Migration:
Daniela: Travis says they're working a huge project through the end of the month and they're absorbed.

                        Jos: Will circle back beginning of April and see how to schedule this.

            Mailer update: Trev says yes, we're a go, can turn over to GoDaddy later this week for testing.
Revival of SC26
Update from Jos looks good

            Wayne: In general, if you come first, they have to deal with you not you with them

            Dimitris: SC29 has started discussion, so we're good. Review period for SC27 is open, but block covers it, so we're golden

            Ryan can endorse, and so can Dimitris

            Ryan: Titled links are an example of something that's inconsistent in the markdown but could probably use some work to resolve. Perhaps a common approach - style guide?

            Jos: Yes, a style guide would be a good idea.

            Ryan: I was thinking about stuff like 'how do we refer to certificate extensions' for consistency's sake.

            AI: Jos and Ryan to draft initial style guide based on SC26 and forthcoming ‘Update BRs for Consistency’ ballot
Any infra notes from Bratislava
Etherpad worked as a format, but connectivity was an issue - depends on everyone having Internet. Remote participation was difficult as well due to Internet connectivity at the site.

            Dimitris: We have to depend on upstream connections for remote as well as Etherpad. We should consider as a working group what the right solution is.

            Jos: Without a budget, we don't have a 5G modem or similar bring-your-own Internet solution.

            Dimitris: We can offer just dial-in for remote participants and all we need is a speakerphone, with cloud recordings for meetings.

            Wayne: I agree, having a fallback for remote participation like an omni mic and a dial-in (even from cell phone) would help. Doesn't solve the Etherpad problem, but would resolve remote participation.

            Dimitris: Fallback for Etherpad is to use local notebooks, it's a nice-to-have; remote participation is the key.

            Wayne: Yep. My experience was that Etherpad was nigh-unusable due to the site connection.

            Dimitris: Which worked OK, since people fell back to local notes and then uploaded. Within three days, we had 90% of the minutes in place and uploaded.

            AI: Need fallback solution for remote participation (otherwise we're in good shape)
Other New Business
Brief discussion around June meeting

                        - Dimitris/Dean/Wayne should have conversations with OATI about June – not an Infra subcommittee problem to solve at all

                        Ryan: Need to have some figuring about remote-participation tools and viability of them—we need to be able to tell people if having the whole meeting remote is an option or not

                        Jos: We need to check on licenses in our account and ability to do 'event-style' meetings; this may be more possible right now due to COVID allowances.

                        AI: Jos to check on WebEx licenses; Dimitris/Wayne/Dean to have conversations with OATI about June meeting outside of Infra work

            Hackathon Notes:
Need to add the pull request process to the redline process doc
Set up to automatically create binary PDF/docx
Look at automatically creating redline binaries; create them manually until then
Once process is added to redline process, ensure it works for at least one ballot and then declare bankruptcy and eliminate old branches.


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