[Infrastructure] Trouble preparing pull request for SC25

Ryan Sleevi sleevi at google.com
Tue Mar 3 13:10:29 MST 2020

On Tue, Mar 3, 2020 at 2:37 PM Dimitris Zacharopoulos (HARICA) <
dzacharo at harica.gr> wrote:

> I am having some difficulties preparing a pull request to add
> https://github.com/dougbeattie/documents/commit/bb90ff37c4bc043636229138d992
> 3fcff670cdfc#diff-7f6d14a20e7f3beb696b45e1bf8196f2
> <https://github.com/dougbeattie/documents/commit/bb90ff37c4bc043636229138d9923fcff670cdfc#diff-7f6d14a20e7f3beb696b45e1bf8196f2>
> to cabforum/documents.
> I tried
> https://github.com/cabforum/documents/compare/master...dougbeattie:bb90ff37c4bc043636229138d9923fcff670cdfc
> but this adds a lot more changes than just and
> Can anyone assist with this? I wanted to create a pull request, add a
> commit with the information for tables, etc and have someone review it
> before merge to master.

Yup. Now you see why I wanted to streamline the process :)


The pull request process is messy because Doug's version of the cabforum
repository has gotten out of sync.

- you can see that's Doug's commit (and exactly what was voted on)

I did this via the command line. Normally, this wouldn't be necessary, but
the wonky state of Doug's repository made it the easiest path forward :)

(I made sure my repository and upstream are in sync and w/ no unnecessary
# Create a new branch for working on Doug's change
$ git checkout -b dougs_change master
# Download Doug's patch
$ wget
# Apply it to my repository
$ git am bb90ff37c4bc043636229138d9923fcff670cdfc.patch
# Cleanup the temp file; making this an explicit step just so my process is
easily understandable :P
$ rm bb90ff37c4bc043636229138d9923fcff670cdfc.patch
# From my workstation, push my branch "dougs_change" to a remote branch
called "2020-03-03-SC25" in the "origin" repository (which is what I named
my copy on GitHub)
$ git push origin dougs_change:2020-03-03-SC25

Opened the above PR.

You can compare the redline by looking at
comparing that with Doug's original patch. For example, diffnow.com will
let you compare by URLs, or you can compare those patch files.

Enjoy! :)
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