[Infrastructure] Draft Minutes - 2020-01-29 Meeting

Jos Purvis (jopurvis) jopurvis at cisco.com
Wed Jan 29 09:37:37 MST 2020

Minutes of Infrastructure Committee Meeting, 29 January 2019
Present: Jos, Daniela, Dimitris

  1.  Anti-trust statement
  2.  Pandoc Update
     *   Jos needs to fix up PR; Dimitris suggests creating a branch, pushing changes atomically, using ‘compare’ feature in Github rather than doing a PR
     *   Ballot needs to describe what will happen with Ballots 25 and 26
     *   Dimitris suggested incorporating change to section identified as erroneous reference; Jos to look at this and decide if the change is small enough to incorporate (since we’re trying to keep this a formatting-only ballot)
  3.  Etherpad
     *   Dimitris suggests creating an Etherpad instance for the next F2F using public site but with obfuscated URLs (the default in Etherpad)
     *   We’ll turn on the instance just before the F2F, then turn it off immediately after and copy all content to a wiki page for editing
     *   Jos will coordinate a test of this to ensure URLs are sufficiently obfuscated to make people comfortable with public accessibility
  4.  Website
     *   Daniela to follow up with Travis and Josh on status of migrating cabforum.org to the GoDaddy managed WordPress service
     *   Jos to forward Slack invite to Daniela and Joanna at GoDaddy
  5.  Mailing Lists
     *   No update from Trev on SES fixes; Jos to nudge Trev about this and AWS S3 change
     *   Daniela to check with Travis/Josh about what else would need changing besides SES to migrate mailers
  6.  F2F WebEx Testing
     *   Dimitris got a request from Peter at DiSig about creating a WebEx room for the F2F for them to test room infrastructure at DiSig before the F2F
     *   Jos to coordinate with Peter and Dimitris to create a room next week to allow for testing

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