[Infrastructure] [DRAFT] Meeting Minutes, 2020-02-12

Jos Purvis (jopurvis) jopurvis at cisco.com
Wed Feb 12 13:33:20 MST 2020

The following are the minutes from the 12 Feb meeting:


Present: Jos Purvis, Daniela Hood, Ryan Sleevi, Wayne Thayer, Ben Wilson, Dimitris Zacharopoulos


1. Anti-trust Statement

2. Approval of Minutes

3. F2F

            - Peter at Disig is working on testing hotel meeting room with their WebEx account for F2F next week

            - Etherpad

                        * Would be open on collab.cabforum.org with pseudo-random link, no auth

                        * Consensus is that this is OK

            - Meeting during F2F → What to discuss?

                        - Branches in Github?

                        - How to do PRs and patches?

                        - Move us to the last slot on Tuesday and swap with code-sign (or take a half-hour early in the day for procedurals and also take the final slot!), so we get the time back for a 'hackathon' review and cleanup of branches, but with full reconvening of the committee in order to discuss issues as they arise

4. Website/Mailer migration

            - Daniela: GD has done the migration twice in the past, but no one would test and approve. We can redo the migration, but they need commitment from us for testing and they can schedule—no timeline right now.

                        _ Team commits to testing and thumbs-up within a week of GD doing the re-migration. Daniela to supply timeline for that on the mailer.

            - Mailer migration should be fine once SES issue is resolved with AWS, but won't have time for that until April. Dimitris: No update from Trev at AWS currently, but we can talk with her at the F2F and then think about potential alternatives if needed.

                        _ Brainstorm on solutions; can talk with Trev next week about what's up

5. WebEx Admins

            - Wayne: Ways to start a meeting if the owner isn't present? Dimitris: Need to make sure that there are multiple hosts enabled for meetings.

            - Make sure that all the admins are added to host capability - add this as a recommendation

            - Should add docs on starting meeting to wiki

6. Branches in Github

            - Direct branches vs. create PR from your branch to a specific branch on CABF master, then PR from that branch to CABF master

            - Ryan: Method 1 would involve forking your own code and then PR from your branch to cabf-master. This gives visibility to all the commits, but the resulting patch is messy due to all the commits in it. Method 2 would involve creating a PR from your branch to cabf-BALLOTXX branch with an immediate squash-and-merge, then a separate PR from that branch to master to be used during the discussion period for the ballot. The latter involves more work (setting up branches, approving PRs), but the resulting patch may be a lot cleaner and easier to see exactly what changed.

            - Is our goal to sort out seeing individual commits or to see a single exact branch? Clearly we want to be able to match up what was proposed against what was voted on, but are there other needs?

            _ Will review this thoroughly at F2F; potentially will have test repos with branches to be able to look at the different alternatives available.



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