[Infrastructure] [DRAFT] Minutes for 8 April Meeting

Jos Purvis (jopurvis) jopurvis at cisco.com
Mon Apr 13 06:53:38 MST 2020

Present: Jos, Ben, Daniela, Dimitris, Joanna Fox, Wayne


1. Anti-Trust Statement

2. Approval of Minutes

            Minutes from 2020-03-11 were approved (no meeting was held 2020-03-21).

3. Website and Mailer Migration

            Everything is up in the air at GoDaddy; Daniela will check with Travis and Josh to look for timelines. Jos mentioned the outbound email issue from the wiki server, and Daniela will have staff look into the issue specifically.

4. SC26 is Complete!

            Dimitris has a typo issue open; we'll collect any other issues and incorporate them for the cleanup ballot Ryan is working on.

5. June Meeting

            - Setting rules of engagement; Dimitris et al. will work with Jos to explore all the WebEx functions available to us for managing large meetings, especially raise-hand functionality

            _ Jos to rustle up docs on doing large meetings in WebEx



Jos Purvis (jopurvis at cisco.com)
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