[Infrastructure] Wiki Migration

Jos Purvis (jopurvis) jopurvis at cisco.com
Thu May 9 10:01:58 MST 2019

Thanks for the nudge—good to provide a progress report!


Josh and I have been working this week on the migration of both services. For the wiki, the new system is up and running with all the content ported; we’re just waiting on outbound email sending to be able to send out the links for everyone to provision their new user accounts in the new wiki. Once finished, it’ll be at https://wiki.cabforum.org.


For the mailing lists, things are proving more difficult: the old system was sitting behind layers of GoDaddy’s existing email services, so moving that out to AWS is more difficult than anticipated. We’re working on the best solution for that one; fortunately, no outage is required on the mail system until we actually migrate (meaning the current system continues to work fine), so if that runs past Friday, we’ll let the Forum know and plan a new migration window for that piece.


If anyone’s interested in progress or helping out, we have a Slack channel running for this (which raises some other Infrastructure-related questions about future stuff like this!):





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Are we on track with being able to vote on SC17 on Monday?




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