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Apologies for the (significant) delays in circulating these.

Minutes of the Infrastructure WG Teleconference - 06-Mar-2019
Present: Ben, Dimitris, Ryan, Wayne
Dimitris read the antitrust statement
Minutes from the previous meeting were not discussed

Neither a draft nor final agenda had been circulated to the WG in advance
of the meeting. The following Agenda items were proposed:

   - Discussion about the format and storage of canonical versions of Forum
   - Agenda Items for the F2F
   - An update on website migration
   - Wiki configuration and setup

Canonical Versions:


   Dimitris highlighted we need two things:

      People familiar with GitHub

      People comfortable with the output

   Wayne discussed how there had been discussion around red lines and
   ballot text, with some inconsistency between red line and ballot text

      There was discussion about whether or not a link to a GitHub pull
      request or diff would meet the Bylaw requirements regarding
redlines. There
      were concerns raised over how this would be made available for long-term
      storage, how we would ensure all members had a consistent view during the
      balloting process (discussion and voting), and how to make those
      after results were available.

      Dimitris highlighted that the current bylaws require you circulate
      the full document, so we can’t just shift to only circulating a red line

      Ryan tried to unpack the concerns Wayne was highlighting

         We could lose redline PDFs

         We could lose full draft PDFs

         We don’t want to link externally

      In discussing this, it became clear that related to canonical
      versions of documents, there was a need to provide ballots in a
      manner - canonical ballots. What that process should be, whether
all Forum
      members should be expected to provide such ballots or whether it
should be
      a function of the Chair (or, like Webmaster, some delegated
role), and how
      to avoid the issues and ambiguities which the Forum has seen in recent
      ballots, such as a lack of agreement between the balloted text and the
      redline or the redline and the final document.

      Consensus to recommend there’s a canonical document and canonical
      workflow. Members would not be required to learn the canonical
workflow for
      ballots, but to avoid ambiguity and provide consistent archival-quality
      perspectives on the Forum work product, having a canonical workflow was

      Wayne highlighted the Bylaws currently set a precedence re: Ballot
      Version and Redline. There was a proposal to change the Bylaws to make it
      clear that a Ballot Version is not strictly required if a redline version
      is provided, making it easier to avoid conflict between two different

F2F Agenda:

   - Wayne’s written a document for the procedure for GitHub ballots.
   Dimitris has added a slot to be able to discuss this document and walk
   members through this process.
   - Dimitris proposed on the second day having a slot to do a hackathon to
   work through some of the formatting issues of the document, and was looking
   for feedback from folks on the call.
   - Ryan mentioned we had something similar at Cisco. The hackathon during
   the F2F then wasn’t as productive, because it wasn’t guided as to what were
   the problems to focus on. He suggested in may make sense to instead end the
   F2F early, while providing space for the members to hack on the issues
   raised then.
   - Wayne highlighted that Jos had proposed doing this on a previous call,
   but it sounded like folks hadn’t done it, so doing it during the F2F may
   get broader feedback.
   - Ben volunteered to lead that discussion, Dimitris volunteered to go
   back through the minutes to circulate the areas the Infrastructure WG.

Website Migration and Wiki Setup were proposed as agenda items for
discussion, but no new information was available by members on the call.
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