[Infrastructure] Hackathon notes

Dimitris Zacharopoulos jimmy at it.auth.gr
Sat Mar 16 20:52:23 MST 2019

On Thursday March 14th, after the end of the regular CA/B Forum 
sessions, we had a short hands-on session in an attempt to improve the 
automated output from Markdown to HTML/PDF. It was a very educative 
session in which Ryan went over the internals of the build process.

The currently produced PDF is fairly good but could use some 
improvements as listed below:

  * Cover page
  * Table of Contents that might include page numbers. We already added
    a ToC but due to the fact that an html version is created first, it
    is not very trivial to include page numbers in an html document
  * Section 7.1.2 is using 6 levels down creating a problem that
    displays "boxes" around that text. This should probably be corrected
    in the BRs.
  * Add a .docx extension by creating a symlink or copying the .html to
  * Use monospace for pseudocode (not critical)

We also talked about the following:

  * Release tagging per stable version of the documents. Pull requests
    will be maintained but intermediate branches can be deleted after
    the pull request is merged to master.
  * There is a need for automatically produced HTML diff to create PDF
  * If we allow (in the future) only a diff to be included in a ballot,
    the external link that will point to a red-line must be immutable
    and must not allow future commits to alter the ballot.

I think once we complete these improvements we will be in a much better 
position to propose specific change procedures to certain documents that 
utilize GitHub as the canonical version.



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