[cabf_governance] Late change request to IPR Policy - Proposed change to definition of "Affiliates"

Dean Coclin dean.coclin at digicert.com
Thu Mar 22 16:08:26 MST 2018

What’s your feeling on this member’s propensity to do this change later on vs. now? Does it mean they will vote no if we don’t change it? And is it a browser or a CA that made the suggestion?

Also, who are the Board of Directors?

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Subject: [cabf_governance] Late change request to IPR Policy - Proposed change to definition of "Affiliates"

Hello all,

We have a last minute request from a Forum member to make a change to the definition of “Affiliate” in the IPR Policy.  We previously took out the following language, and the member would like to have something similar put back in.

"The CAB Forum Board of Directors may, in its discretion, grant exclusions for related companies of CAB Forum Members which would technically fall within the “Affiliate” definition in situations where it can be shown that there is no intent to circumvent the licensing obligations of Section 5.”

We changed this definition of “Affiliate” to match the one in the Bylaws, which did not have the exclusion language above.  Please let me know your thoughts on making such a change this late in the game, vs. making this change along with some other items on the list of deferred issues after Ballot 206 (hopefully) passes?

If we make the requested change, we would likely have to restart the informal discussion period, formal discussion period, and voting period timetable, meaning the process would be delayed further.  When other members see that a last minute change was accommodated, more changes could be requested, creating further delays.

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