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It’s probably also worth stating in the email that unless new critical issues (as defined recently by the govreform WG) are identified, we intend to start voting 7 days after the start of the formal discussion period.


Let’s get this done!



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That sounds fine to me. Once you do that, we’ll see if we get any questions. If not, then we can start the formal period. Please state in your email what our plans are.



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Hi Dean,


The next step is to send out the documents for a 7-day informal discussion period, which I will do today.  Unless we get a lot of comments between now and next Tuesday, I don’t think we need the call.  Other thoughts?



Best regards,


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Since we had the meeting last week, I’m not sure if there is any need for the call next Tuesday unless we want to discuss next steps?  What do people think, should we have the call or cancel?



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