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It looks like we have a separate room for our meeting, down the hall, so those that are attending please meet out by the food in the hallway and we can walk over to the other room at 3:30pm ET.  Then we’ll dial into the chime bridge to get Virginia and anyone else who is not physically present.

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The Dial in information for our meeting today is below. The VWG appears to be behind schedule so we may start a little late but I’ll advise everyone as things move along.

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The code below is the test code.  Here are the codes for each WG and the plenary sessions.

Meeting ID: 3099 34 6043 will be for the Validation WG
 Meeting ID: 2893 36 7257 is for the Governance Reform WG
Meeting ID: 4351 17 3575 will be for the Network Security WG

Meeting ID: 6903 42 5634 will be for the plenary sessions

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Here are dial-in instructions:

Remote participation will be via Amazon Chime. There is no charge to join (other than any long distance phone charges). There are different access codes for different meetings; please email questions@ or see the management list email for the specific codes. The code below is just for testing.

To test Chime (the real meeting IDs will be emailed to you later on the Management list), you can use three different options:

1. Click to join the meeting. This will provide the option to download a client or use a web browser based client. You can use your computer’s microphone and speakers, however, a headset is recommended.


Meeting ID: 4747 41 4457

2. Use a mobile client. Clients are available for Android and iOS. They just need the meeting ID.

3. Call in using your phone:

United States (1): +1 206-462-5569 United States Toll-Free: +1 855-552-4463 Numbers for dozens of countries: https://chime.aws/dialinnumbers/<https://clicktime.symantec.com/a/1/mg_ED15Pm87E5M43MY7iTOwy_Mfesl0_be7SGOMdMk8=?d=Ndy7mByCVqhVVrxq5DJL6Div62CHn54Ay9O4MtbCDq0IWl06yXEw7kOtoxZVUcBq2j_9fptfAwQ0jYz8QXD0IxtYVqU9DodNYubYVeg8VbrHZDBH5z2Wiek36xF06VTQqQQo6HnzTEwePNk0VKrqLx9z7R-5Eo0pqimFFwgk12WAueTOKvE3b5_LAwY9xYu80JdGjDHCfVt5sNnNPwSS1SwsYhqCmfydunsvgWWRiINaBTRnnSBuBba1J0YihnutwaIym07e4vbzoiO873ZaNoj1l4tpABOyEbu0sG0Pc7GZt_FYIuzgXSVNo7ymcrqWEgy9sFZjFeaFP0M8sN04cSWQ3qjM1BA-Z0mfwcDFXFdA81z_S9QtPpKftFJN6a3GmyhN7w%3D%3D&u=https%3A%2F%2Fchime.aws%2Fdialinnumbers%2F>

Meeting PIN: 4747 41 4457

3. To connect from an in-room video system, use one of the following Amazon Chime bridges:

SIP video system: meet.chime.in or H.323 system:

Meeting PIN: 4747414457#

Ben Wilson, JD, CISA, CISSP
VP Compliance
+1 801 701 9678

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