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Now that I’ve read the FAQ again, it appears we covered most of my suggestions in Q1 and Q2. Therefore, we can keep the preso as is.  As WG co-chair, I’d like to introduce you to make the presentation with some remarks about the WG creation (as outlined in Q1) and the hard work that got us to this point. That will put in context for everyone.  Then you can pick it up with the preso and answer questions.  Sound good?

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Hi Dean,

If you’d like to prepare 2  slides that summarize the original ballot, then how the goals were accomplished, we can add them to the deck.  I think they should go together rather than having one at the beginning and one at the end.  This ballot is already pretty complicated, and we need to be careful about not making it even more challenging to understand.

We also should be careful about not raising some of the issues the WG discussed and dismissed, to avoid rat-hole discussions that detract focus from what we’re trying to accomplish.  For example, questions like these would not be helpful during the tutorial discussion:  "Why isn’t there an extensive written report?”  "Why aren’t we incorporating CAB Forum?”  "What does “representation of others in Forum issues” mean, and what did the working group do to address that?”  “Can we talk about the admin functions and what they are?” Etc.  The bottom line is that this is what the Governance WG is proposing, and members have had ample time to object and submit comments and questions.  We need to move forward.

Does that make sense?

Best regards,

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I think we should start this presentation by reviewing the original ballot that created the working group and the goals stated therein.  Then we wrap with a final slide that shows how we addressed these goals.

As a reminder, the working group was chartered by Ballot 165 on March 31, 2016. At the time, 19 CAs and 4 Browsers voted for the ballot. There were 0 NO votes.


The Working Group’s charter will be as follows:

1. Consider revisions to the scope of the Forum to include possible additional topics such as code signing, SMIME and client certificate usages

2. Review the scope of the IPR and IP ownership issues

3. Consider options for representation of others in forum issues

4. Review voting rules and rights

5. Review admin functions

6. Examine making the forum an “official” organization (e.g. Incorporation)

7. Review how requirements and guideline documents would be structured in a newly organized forum would be done

The group’s deliverables will be:

1. An extensive report with one or more proposals on possible changes to the Forum organization (“proposed structure”)

2. A proposal on requirements and guideline document structure and proprietorship

3. A form of ballot or ballots to implement any recommendations

The Working Group shall expire once the deliverables have been completed.

This tells everyone that hey, here’s what you told us to do, here’s all the work we did to get here and here’s what the outcome is.

The rest of the content is perfectly fine.


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Hello all,

Any questions or suggestions on the proposed preso for the F2F?  Thanks!

Best regards,

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Hi - here’s my draft of the governance WG preso for the F2F.  Please let me know if you have questions/ suggestions.  Thanks!

Best regards,

Virginia Fournier
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