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On today’s call, I suggest we review many of the comments we have received and try to knock those off to help finalize things. Same goes for the Charter.

I doubt things will be ready at the end of this call. I think a 2nd next week is necessary to make significant progress before the F2F.

Virginia, this time/day seems not to work for you and you are an integral part of the discussion. Can you make it next week at this same time? If not, please suggest an alternate for Tuesdays.


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Hi all,

My apologies, I have a conflict for tomorrow’s meeting and will not be able to attend.  I am sending what I hope are virtually final versions of the documents.  I am sending diff files for the Bylaws and IPR policy, as the Word compare function will not cooperate. The diffs may be easier to read in the end anyway.

As you may have seen from my email earlier today, we have to cut off any new issues, content, etc. from being added to the ballot so we can finalize it.  From this point forward, we need to just review what we have, clean up typos or any errors in the ballot, and move it forward.  With this in mind, I’d appreciate it if you’d review the documents attached/referenced below to see if there are any corrections/adjustments that need to be made.  We can keep a list of additional issues that should be addressed for the next ballot.

What is the status of the Server Certificate WG charter?  I sent some comments to Dean/Ben - have you had a chance to look at those?  We need the final version of that document also to complete the package.

I’d like to send the documents out early next week and start an “informal” discussion period of 7 days next for any questions people may have.  Does anyone see any obstacles to doing that?

Here’s the diff for the Bylaws (all changes since version 1.7 shown).


Here’s the diff for the IPR Policy (all changes since version 1.2 shown:


Best regards,

Virginia Fournier
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Hello all,

Here are the final documents for Ballot 206.  Please confirm that you’re ready to go forward with them in January after the holidays.  Please also let me know if you can open the Bylaws diff file.  What is the status of the Server Certificate WG’s charter?  Thanks for everyone’s hard work on this project.

<CABF-Governance Change FAQ_20DEC17.docx>
<Bylaws DiffNow Comparison Report.htm>

Best regards,

Virginia Fournier
Senior Standards Counsel
 Apple Inc.
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