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No problem, we will review it  on our call next week. No plans to distribute yet.


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Hi - I'm flying back from vacation today and would like a chance to review this before it's distributed. Thanks!
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I think the FAQ is good – one set of edits to suggest

4. Who are the members of the main Forum and what would they be doing under this new structure?
>>These would be the current CA/B Forum members and any others that qualify and apply under the existing bylaws. This group would become an administrative body which would review and vote on limited ballots (e.g., chartering new working groups, amending Bylaws, etc.), select venues for meetings, and provide overall governance of the Forum.

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Hello Working Group,

I was talking with Ben about the upcoming proposed changes, which are major in terms of the overall Forum. My feeling is that just sending out a ballot with a discussion period will not result in a high probability of it passing as many will ignore until the last minute and then end up abstaining or voting no because of the magnitude of the change and the fact that they hadn’t really thought about it till the end.

In order to facilitate this ballot passing, I think it would make sense to create an FAQ document that we could circulate before and with the ballot. I took a stab at creating draft questions and answers. Other questions are certainly welcome. Would love your input!

Please see attached and let’s discuss on Tuesday. If folks don’t think this is a good idea, please speak up.


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