[cabf_governance] Agenda and start time for next week's F2F

Dean Coclin Dean_Coclin at symantec.com
Tue Aug 2 14:59:40 MST 2016

Perfect, I’ll rearrange the schedule to accommodate.



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Hi Dean,


David could attend in the earlier part of the afternoon.

Best regards,


Virginia Fournier

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On Aug 2, 2016, at 11:40 AM, Dean Coclin <Dean_Coclin at symantec.com <mailto:Dean_Coclin at symantec.com> > wrote:


As discussed on today’s call, we will move the start time to 9:30am PDT to accommodate the morning travelers from out of town. For a strawman agenda,  I propose the following. Please feel free to edit. I believe our guest speaker can only do morning (right, Virginia?) so although this is not the order I would have preferred, I think it’s valuable to get his input whenever he can give it:


9:30-9:45              Introductions, Logistics, Remote user connections, Wi-Fi, Plans for the day. Read Ballot 165 (formation of the working group)

9:45-10:30           Review outline sent by Dean on 7/20. Review Ben’s email of 7/22. Settle on what issues we are trying to solve, why are they issues, etc.

10:30-11:00         Guest speaker from Apple-David Singer, W3C participant. What works/what doesn’t in W3C format? Definition of participation.

11:00-11:15         Break

11:15-12:15         Guest speaker, continued. Group discussion.

12:15-1:00           Lunch Break

1:00-2:00              Who are the constituencies/stakeholders for various groups (SMIME, Code Signing)? How to get “skin in the game”.

2:00-3:00              What proposals does the team have to satisfy the issues identified above? Review what’s been submitted so far. Tradeoffs.

3:00-3:15              Break

3:15-5:00              Continue discussing proposals with regard to voting, participation, IPR, scope. Focus on 1 WG as a model and “test” out a proposal.

5:00-5:30              Recommendations to move forward

5:30pm                 Adjourn 


At the end of this meeting, we should make sure we have concrete answers to the following questions:


1. Why are we doing this, what is the need for reform?

2. What do we gain by doing this?

3. What do we get that we can’t get today?

4. How can get participation in other groups? 

5. How can we define who has “skin in the game”?

6. After listening to the W3C model and discussing proposed options, is there one that comes across as more favorable?


We should set a goal to have something ready for forum presentation and discussion at the Seattle meeting in October.



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