[Cscwg-public] ITU-T X.509 version in CSBR

Dimitris Zacharopoulos (HARICA) dzacharo at harica.gr
Sun May 7 16:51:03 UTC 2023

Dear Members,

As I was preparing a short presentation for the ITU-T X.509 day 
I noticed that the S/MIME Baseline Requirements in section 1.6.3 
(References) refer to the Recommendation ITU-T X.509 (*10/2012*) while 
the TLS BRs (and by extension, the Code Signing BRs) refer to the 
Recommendation ITU-T X.509 (*08/2005*).

X.509 is being updated and has even more recent updates (10/2019).

I was wondering if this is something we should discuss within the Code 
Signing WG and consider possible issues and impact in case this is 
updated in the CSBRs.

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