[Cscwg-public] FIPS 140-3 and the CSBRs

Tim Hollebeek tim.hollebeek at digicert.com
Fri Jul 7 18:32:37 UTC 2023

A colleague at another company asked me about the acceptability of FIPS 140-3 and its acceptability for the CSBRs, namely whether "FIPS 140-3 level 2" should be interpreted as being "at least FIPS 140-2 level 2".  This is especially relevant now that it is no longer possible to obtain a new FIPS 140-2 certification.

I think we discussed it at some point, but couldn't find any information in a quick search.

I can't imagine any reason why the answer isn't "YES", but I wanted to check if anyone else had a different opinion.

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