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Hi Inigo,

Perhaps it would be best if some one which has access to the document can review and suggest text, which they think could be added to the CSBRs. We do not want to reference the document as being a requirement. We are just trying to update the CSBRs to ensure we have sufficient requirements for a Signing Service.

Thanks, Bruce.

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There´s no such a process nor any liaison with CEN so I´m afraid there´s nothing we can do at the moment. I´ve been in contact with CEN and also ETSI just in case (ETSI TC ESI has also access to the latest working draft from CEN because there´s a liaison between both entities but for ESI internal use only) but there´s no option, as of now, that we may have that document (except from buying it).
Unfortunately, I can´t share it here either.

We can try to establish a relationship with CEN but I don´t see how considering the nature of their procedures and work and that the CABF is not an incorporated entity or alike, but we can ask.


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Hi Inigo,

In past discussions with Nick Pope (Vice Chair of ETSI ESI TC) about how the CABF could potentially use text from ETSI documents, he said that there is a process in which ETSI can examine and potentially give a perpetual license (or something like that). Obviously the source would need to be mentioned in the document, etc, etc.

Is it a good time to do a similar inquiry to CEN? I don't think we plan to copy the entire standard but perhaps some sections of interest to this group. Of course, the CABF Guidelines are distributed with Creative Commons attribution 4.0 International license and must continue to use this license which means free distribution.

As Tim said, if there is no such process within CEN, it's probably a non-starter to copy exact sections/paragraphs from CEN 419 241 into the CSBRs.

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Hi there,

After the yesterday call, I got in touch with the CEN TC224 chairman to know how to obtain a copy of the server signing CEN standards for our review.
The answer is:
Unfortunately, I do not know any possibility to get the CEN standards free of charge. Even the WG members only have the latest working draft. This is because the national standardisation committees like DIN or AENOR etc. are (partly) financed by selling the final version of the standards.

I have a working draft of the standard that I can share but don´t know if this is the latest one. I´ve asked him if he can provide us with the latest working draft to share.



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