[Cscwg-public] CRL Revocation Date Clarification Pre-Ballot

Corey Bonnell Corey.Bonnell at digicert.com
Tue Sep 21 12:45:29 UTC 2021

Hi Bruce,

I interpreted Ian's message from last week [1] as guidance that all CAs
should be using the revocationDate to denote when the Code Signing
Certificate is first invalid. Since Windows (Authenticode) does not consume
the invalidityDate extension value when making trust decisions, there is a
negative security impact when CAs set the invalidityDate and revocationDate
in the manner described in RFC 5280. This ballot codifies the guidance Ian
shared so that the revocationDate is set uniformly across all CAs.







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Hi Corey,


Is there a reason that we cannot allow CAs to continue to use Revocation
date and Invalidity date as per RFC 5280?


My assumption is that we were going to allow the Revocation date to be a
date earlier than the time the certificate was revoked. I am not seeing how
this change would impact the Invalidity date.





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As discussed last week, it would be valuable to ensure that there is clarity
regarding how revocation/invalidity dates are encoded in CRLs so that
relying party software can make the correct trust decisions regarding
compromised code. Attached is a small change to 13.2.1 to reflect that the
revocationDate CRL entry field shall be used to denote when a certificate is
invalid. The proposed language allows for the Invalidity Date CRL entry
extension to continue to appear, but the time encoded in it must be the same
as the revocationDate for the entry. I don't believe this causes issues with
Windows CRL processing, please let me know if it does and I'll remove the


For reference, here are the two proposed paragraphs to be added to 13.2.1:


If a Code Signing Certificate is revoked, and the CA later becomes aware of
a more appropriate revocation date, then the CA MAY use that revocation date
in subsequent CRL entries and OCSP responses for that Code Signing


Effective 2022-02-01, if the CA includes the Invalidity Date CRL entry
extension in a CRL entry for a Code Signing Certificate, then the time
encoded in the Invalidity Date CRL extension SHALL be equal to the time
encoded in the revocationDate field of the CRL entry.


Given that the revocation date is potentially security sensitive, I think
it's worthwhile to get this clarified prior to the RFC 3647/Pandoc effort.
In addition to comments/questions on the proposed language, we're looking
for two endorsers.




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