[Cscwg-public] Re FIPS tokens supporting RSA 3072

Inigo Barreira Inigo.Barreira at sectigo.com
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Hi Adriano,

Sorry for jumping late here but I´m restarting with the CABF issues and am still in the process :(
Regarding your question, we can differentiate between those USB&smartcards and the HSMs. So, for the first, we´ve found some others, but it´s true that there are not many but we´re aware of 3-4 additional providers. In the HSM space, I see no problems.


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I already posted this question yesterday, but apparently it did not get through.

I was asking: is the SafeNet eToken 5110 CC the only FIPS token supporting RSA 3072 available on the market?

I am investigating this matter myself, and although I am not finished it seems there aren't many... possibly just one.

If so, it would be a rather unfortunate situation competition-wise.


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