[Cscwg-public] CSCWG Agenda for 16 June 2021

Atsushi Inaba atsushi.inaba at globalsign.com
Thu Jun 17 04:43:46 UTC 2021

Hello Bruce,


Thank you for your work in yesterday's CSCWG Mtg.


May I please ask you a question about the proposed wordings in 

CSBRs "16.1 Timestamp Authority Key Protection"?


In item 1, proposed wordings are "If the CA issues Code Signing 

Certificates then the CA MUST operates a Timestamp Authority that

complies with RFC-3161.".  If I'm not mistaken, I heard that you

quoted this sentence from Microsoft Root Program Requirements.


But in the Microsoft Root Program requirements, it says as follows;

>C. Revocation Requirements

>5.If a CA issues Code Signing certificates, it must use a Time Stamp

> Authority that complies with RFC 3161.".


So, I feel that it would be appropriate to change "Must operates 

Timestamp Authority " to "must use a Time Stamp Authority". 

Or is there any reason to use "operate"?


And, I suppose that the organization which does not operate a CA 

can be a Time Stamp Authority by using TSA certificate issued 

from any CA.


Please forgive me if I misunderstood the points.




Atsushi Inaba



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Attached are the Signing Service slides and the Cleanup ballot markup.


I am looking for a second endorser for the Cleanup ballot, so I am hoping
that DigiCert or GlobalSign can confirm as soon as possible.


Great meeting today!


Thanks, Bruce.


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Proposed agenda for our meeting on 16 June 2021 at 12:30 PM ET.


0.            Assign minute taker

1.            Roll Call

2.            Antitrust statement

3.            Approval of meeting minutes from 3 June 2021

4.            Signing Service (1 hr) 

5.            Clean-up ballot discussion changes (30 minutes) 

6.            Other ballots

7.            Other business

8.            Next Meeting - 1 July 2021 

9.            Adjourn



Thanks, Bruce.

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