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On 4/6/2021 12:59 μ.μ., Inigo Barreira wrote:



Thanks Dimitris for highlighting this.

1.	In section 11.1.2, please update the text to "Qualified Certificates for electronic signatures issued pursuant to....". I realized that there are lots of types of "Qualified Certificates" but we're looking at eSignature Certificates for Natural Persons. In addition, I noticed that the term "personal Certificate" in the same paragraph, is not properly defined and is kind of ambiguous. We might want to clarify that this the CA expects a Certificate where the Subject information identifies a Natural Person. In case we are willing to accept Qualified Certificates for electronic seals, which are issued to Legal Entities, the group should discuss and decide. For now, allowing only eSignature Certificates is the safest approach.

I´d suggest to include also the seals because those are used frequently for signing code as it represents an organization signing it.


I agree we should allow but as this is supposed to be a "cleanup" ballot, we should probably introduce eSeals in a future ballot because they are not consistent with the "personal Certificate" statement which is currently in that section.


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