[Cscwg-public] Final CSCWG Minutes for 15 July 2021

Dean Coclin dean.coclin at digicert.com
Thu Jul 29 16:05:48 UTC 2021

Role Call:

Sebastian Schulz

Tim Hollebeek

Andrea Holland

Atsushi Inaba

Bruce Morton

Corey Bonell

Ian McMillan

Karthik Ramasay

Roberto Quinones

Tim Crawford

Anti-Trust statement is being read

Minutes of F2F are approved

Signing Service Meeting notes are approved

New item:

There's a need to discuss an issue raised by Ben on the list. Which audit 
scheme should CAs follow for which auit period? There is so far no date of 
applicability for the non-EV BR update.

Bruce suggests that the updated audit scheme should be usable as of 1st of 
November 2021. Tim C. further mentions that audits before that date with the 
update audit criteria should also be allowed.already Agreement that earlier 
audits under the new scheme would also be acceptable, but should be formalized 
under a new ballot. Bruce will propose the ballot

New item:

Clean-up ballot, seems to be pretty much done. Effective date of Nov 1st has 
been added

Agreement that this date and all other contents were ok to enter discussion 

New item:

Log retention ballot, should follow the clean-up ballot as soon as possible.

Bruce is asking about a date for when this should follow. Ian mentions that 
there wasn't any major feedback but he himself will not be available to work 
on the ballot for a while. However, another Microsoft representative will be 
on the next meetings. Bruce suggests that he could carry on with edits to the 
ballot but changes need to be made by the proposer. Tim H. suggest that a new 
ballot could be opened then, so that someone else counts as the proposer. In 
any case, Ian agrees to further prepare the ballot. Bruce will keep working on 
the clean-up ballot, so both can be posted around the same time.

New item: Any other business?

Tim H.is wondering about how to best structure discussion around signing 
service stipulations.

Seb suggests that this might be worth having a sub-committee for. Tim H. 
suggests to discuss this on the regular call first and only open a 
sub-commitee if time isn't sufficient. Bruce suggests to once put a longer 
regular meeting on the agenda. Sometime around September. There is overall 
agreement with this approach.

Additionally, the conversion of CS BR 1.2 into RFC 3647 format is being 

Corey mentions that while Dimitris has shared very helpful instructions, some 
reference might not make sense anymore and a simple copy and paste will not be 
enough. Ian, Bruce and Seb agree to help. Seb will start immediately by 
copying sections over into the new format, with further detailed editing as a 
next step.

The meeting is adjourned, next meeting will be July 29th

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