[Cscwg-public] CSCWG Minutes of April 8 2021 call

Dean Coclin dean.coclin at digicert.com
Mon Apr 19 13:03:58 UTC 2021



Role Call


- Adriano Santoni

- Andrea Holland

- Atsushi Inaba

- Bruce Morton

- Corey Bonnell

- Dean Coclin

- Daniela Hood

- Ian McMillan

- Inigo Barreira

- Tim Hollebeek

- Tomas Gustavsson

- Sebastian Schulz


Anti-Trust Statement is read


Doug Beattie joins later


Daniela makes an Announcement on behalf of GoDaddy:


                - Starting June 1st GoDaddy will no longer Code Signing

                - GoDaddy will retire from the CA/B Forum Working Group

                - No new certificates can be issued, no rekeying will be


Thomas Zermeno joins later

Dimitris Zacharopoulos joins later

Chris Kemmerer joins later


Intel Membership

                - Will NOT be joining as certificate consumer now

                - Wil join as interested party only for now, on invite-only


"Clean-up" items:


- Combine ballot for "cleaning up BR" with pending ballot?

                - General Agreement is tending to "NO", have a separate

- Bruce Morton to hold a small a separate small meeting to identify items
for clean-up ballot, with the below

                - Tim

                - Corey

                - Ian

                - Bruce


Dedicated Roots for Code Signing:


- What should be the scope of a dedicated Code Signing Root?

                - Bruce: Scope being everything that's addressed by CS BRs

                - Ian: From MS perspective, this seems like a favorable

                - Bruce: Going down path of Dedicated Root for Code Signing

                                - Test certificates are a concern, as they
are normally addressed by TLS

                - Dimitris: Appendix C wasn't meant to be in CS BR.
Requirement should be to create test CS certs

                - Bruce: Document is inappropriately calling out SSL BRs,
there weren't any issues yet

                - Dimitris: CAs should be mandated to maintain an
expired/revoked/valid Code Signing certificate

                                - No agreement from the audience on the

                                - Doug: Should this also be for timestamps?

                - Dimitris, Tim: Testing should be more the responsibility
of the CAs

                - Corey: Requirement for maintaining the test service isn't
per Root

                - Dimitris: Do CAs really need to maintain their own TSA?

                                - Ian: From MS side, that is not required

                                - CS BRs only require a CA to offer a TSA,
not that it's used together with the certs of that CA

                                - In reality, TSA and Code Signing
signatures are often mix & match

                                - Doug: Why do CAs even have to maintain
test sites then?

                                - Bruce: CAs SHOULD maintain test sites, as
Oracle requires that (Dimitris confirms that from recent experience)

                                - Ian: Indeed shouldn't be a MUST
requirement for now

                                - Bruce and Dimitris to address this


- Daniela has to leave the call


Presentation from Tomas Gustavsson:


"Common Criteria Re-Mystified"


- CC Profiles, FIPS certification and audit standards are often
misinterpreted by customers

- Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA)

                - Menat to allow international recognition of products

- Issued certificates and security targets are available online


- Security target: Define target of evaluation, claims performance to
protection profile

                - protection profile: document created by user community
which identifies security devices

                - Certification without protection profile is pretty much


- Assurance levels (Evaluation assurance levels)

                - EALS 1-6 represent "level of effort"

                - non-EAL collaborative protection profile (cPP) does not
specify a EAL level, but rather specifies intended usage

                - EU Cyber Security Act: Basic, Substantial and High -
correlating with the associated risk of using service or product


- Different requirements of certifications in different areas

                - SOG-IS in EU

                - NIAP in US

                - Forces vendors into multiple certifications


- writing requirements

                - strong recommendation to specify protection profile

                                - eIDAS, FIPS 140-2 L2 or L3

                                - Public procurement may refer to eIDAS,
Common Criteria, FIPS

                                - Audits may also attempt to meet


- What's practical?

                - Currently many different modules are available

                - FIPS or Common Criteria seems to prevent shady/homegrown

                - Tim: Both FIPS and CC are very dependent on process and


- CC may be "misused": Broad/invalid requirements, vendor lock-out and
lock-in, vulnerabilities in "certified versions", audit inconsistencies


- FIPS doesn't always clarify which tools are FIPS certified, no guarantee
FIPS mode is enabled, auditor mileage may vary

                - Dimitris: Better to have a certified device than "just

                                - Relevant to Code Signing: Good randomness
for the key generation and key protection

                - Tim: Many standards only refer to CC or FIPS to ensure key

                - Adriano: Requirements for certifications aren't always
clear (FIPS does that best, being holistic for all components of a hardware

                - Tim: FIPS also only covers the crypto module

                - Dimitris: relevant controls are covered by evaluation of
the crypto module

                - Tim: Neither FIPS nor CC were meant to focus on key
management evaluation


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