[Cscwg-public] Final Minutes CSCWG July 7

Dean Coclin dean.coclin at digicert.com
Thu Jul 16 09:21:35 MST 2020

Here are the minutes for the subject call:


1.	Roll call: Dean Coclin, Oliver Kuley, Atsushi Inaba, Robin Alden,
Bruce Morton, Tim Crawford, Kathik Ramasony, Hugh Mercer, Ben Wilson, Scott
2.	Antitrust statement was read. Announced that we are switching to
Webex for the next call
3.	Approval of minutes of last call (June 18): Minutes approved
4.	Ballot Status: We went through Dean's email of July 6th on the
public list. All items were clarified and Bruce will make 2 updates to the
document which will go our for review after Mike's approval (endorser). We
will add 2 items (#5 and 6) to the parking lot list for future
discussion/resolution. See summary below.
5.	Parking lot presentations: Ian and Mike were not in attendance,
hence no presentations were made today
6.	Document reformatting (see Ben's email): We will not start this
until after the ballot is completed
7.	Next meeting:  July 16. Reminder: Switch to Webex
8.	Adjourn


Dean Coclin



1.	Section (A), it says, "Verify the Applicant's legal
existence and identity (as more fully set forth in Section herein 

Where is section Is this a typo?

[BM - Looks like a typo. Should be 11.2.3.]

2.	Section 11.8 (4) This appears to be added but I couldn't find where
it came from?

[BM - These were taken from 11.13 of the EV Guidelines. Note the EVCS
Guidelines referred to this section.]

3.	Section 12, This appears to be added but I couldn't find where it
came from?

[BM - Dimitris provided this from the BRs. This was based on a discussion
from the virtual F2F.]

4.	Section 14.2.1 refers to Delegated Third Party but that term is not
defined. Previous guidelines state Affiliate or Registration Authority

[BM - Definitions are in the merged document or are in the BRs or in the EV
SSL Guidelines. Delegated Third Party is defined in the BRs.]

5.	End of Section 14.2.1, What happened to the restriction on
Enterprise RAs for EV (Section 14.2.2 of EV CS)?

[BM - Enterprise RA was discussed and this restriction was dropped in that

6.	Section 17 last paragraph, p.29, shouldn't that be for only for EV
audits? (17.1 of EV CS)

[BM - Let's discuss. Although I would agree it should be applied to both, I
don't recall why we didn't make the distinction.]




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